Annual: 2023 Preview & Holiday Wishlist

You’ll find all kinds of goodies in this oversized holiday episode which we’ve dubbed an “annual.” In true comic fashion, we ran out of stories to cover by a week so we’ve compiled an annual edition. Alex and Mike talk about the books they’d like to cover for 2023 as well as shine a light on the book selection process.

Each podcaster provides a list of books that they’d like to cover as well as books they love but don’t fit the podcast. Those books are broken into a few buckets and so is this episode.  For a full list of books mentioned be sure to check out this episode’s show notes on our website

2:05 Books we’d like to cover, but not enough meat on the bone

27:30 Books we’d like to cover, but they’re ongoing/unfinished

50:40 Books we’d like to cover, but they’re Marvel/DC

1:14:35 Books we’d like to cover, but we’ve already discussed the creators

1:28:45 Books we’d like to discuss, but we’d only get one episode out of them

2:02:10 Books Mike would like to discuss, but they’re manga