Front cover for the book Gospel by Will Morris from Image ComicsSeason 15: Gospel by Will Morris


Ver was the cover artist for all five issues of Gospel. Ver is a resident of Edinburgh, Scotland, and is working on their debut graphic novel, The Wildercourt. The stunning covers for Gospel are all the contributions that we get from Ver on this project. We hope to see much more in the US comic market from Ver!  In the meantime, support their work and follow on Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Patreon, and Blue Sky.

“I was in the process of drawing the covers for Gospel, when, at a comic con in Edinburgh, I caught sign of Ver’s work. There ended my efforts to draw the covers for Gospel.” – Will Morris

Episode 01: Gospel by Will Morris

Storied Arcs podcast episode "Gospel" by Will Morris

“Joan of Arc never sought to be martyred, nor to be venerated. She wanted only to deliver France from oppression. That is what I want. To deliver my friends from danger.”

Mike and Alex are back for another one-shot episode, this time discussing Will Morris’ book from Image Comics, Gospel. The guys take time to praise Morris’ wonderful artwork before exploring how the specific historical setting of the comic (the English Reformation) adds layers and context to the world. Then they tackle the underlying theme of the book, one that seems to be present in a lot of the comics they discuss- what is the meaning of stories and storytelling. Is the act of telling a story more important than the event depicted in it? Are stories only meaningful if they’re true? Is the old man who’s narrating the story an immortal soul bound to this Earth and charged with passing on the history of the land, or is he Keyser Soze? These are the things we talk about. That, and The West Wing. Again.

We hope you enjoyed this under-the-radar book. Next week, we are pleased to once again present an exclusive creator interview as we (well, Mike; Alex had to sit this one out) chat with writer/artist Will Morris about Gospel and his career in comics. Stay tuned for that, you don’t want to miss it.

Episode 02: Creator Interview with Will Morris

Comic writer and artist Will MorrisFor more information on this interview, visit the Creator Interview: Will Morris page on our website.