Lee Loughridge Interview

*Warning* This episode does not meet our usual family-friendly standards and does contain explicit language. You have been warned!

After speaking with both the artist (Alexandre Tefenkgi) and writer (Pornsak Pichetshote) of The Good Asian, Mike and Alex had to keep it moving and snag the colorist as well, the great Lee Loughridge! We talk about his lengthy career to date and go back to his origins getting into the comics industry nearly 30 years ago now (spoiler alert- it involves a faux ransom note, which kinda tells you everything you need to know about Lee). Then the guys dive into The Good Asian and explore how Lee’s colors enhance the storytelling on the page. They also discuss some of Lee’s past work (like Fables), and what he has coming in the future, including his own creator-owned books where he served as the writer (and colorist, naturally). Links to his work can be found here at our website, StoriedArcs.com.

We can’t thank Lee enough for joining us. You can follow him on Instagram as well as his comics studio, Zylonol Studio, to keep up with his latest projects and announcements!