Creator Interview: Sarah Gailey

Comic writer Sarah GaileyIn a special bonus episode, Mike and Alex jump back one season and revisit their discussion of Eat The Rich and Know Your Station because they had the privilege of chatting with the writer and co-creator of those comics, Sarah Gailey! They start as usual with Sarah’s introduction to comics and discuss how they made the move from writing prose to writing comics and what the transition was like. Then they dive back into Eat The Rich and Know Your Station, examining some of the reoccurring themes that appear across Sarah’s various works and getting some inside baseball details on the creation of each book and collaborating with both Pius Bak and Liana Kangas (who you can listen to talk about working with Sarah and many other things here). Finally, they wrap by talking about Sarah’s recent work for Marvel, particularly their Yelena Belova/White Widow miniseries with Alessandro Miraccolo, and how it was formulating a concrete identity for character that historically hasn’t really had one while still operating within the defined Marvel Universe. You can stay up-to-date with everything Sarah has going on at their website and by signing up for their newsletter, Stone Soup. You can also follow them on Tumblr, Instagram, and Bluesky.

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