Creator Interview: Liana Kangas

This week, Mike and Alex are pleased to be joined by artist and illustrator Liana Kangas to chat about their work on Know Your Station and all manner of other things! They start with Liana’s origins as an artist and learn how they went from selling comics in an LCS to making them. Then they move to Know Your Station, touching on how they got involved in the book in the first place and what the creative process was like working with Sarah Gailey, plus a deeper dive into some specific scenes and moments from the comic. They also touch on their work with writer Scott Bryan Wilson on Trve Kvlt from IDW, which is definitely a book you should pick up and read. And finally, they discuss Liana’s contribution to “Meanwhile… A Comic Shop Anthology,” a comic put together to celebrate the comic shop experience, and how their short story, Absence Is Unsettling, fits into that prompt. You can find Liana’s work, requests for commissions, and upcoming convention appearances on their website, and be sure to follow them on TwitterTwitch, and Patreon.


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