Intro to Velvet & Creator Spotlight: Steve Epting

Storied Arcs podcast introduction to Velvet by Ed Brubaker and Steve EptingFor the next season of Storied Arcs, Mike and Alex are once again revisiting the work of one of their favorite creators. This time, it’s writer Ed Brubaker as the guys get ready break down Velvet, the noir spy thriller from Image Comics by Brubaker and comics legend Steve Epting. First, they give an intro to the book and tease a little bit about why they wanted to discuss it (and they talk a lot about James Bond, which actually does make sense once you know what Velvet is about). They they put artist Steve Epting in the spotlight (along with letterer Chris Eliopoulos) and take a look at his long and storied career, in particular his work with Ed Brubaker. [Note, we covered Ed Brubaker and colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser back when we discussed Kill Of Be Killed; check it out if you haven’t already.]

We’re starting next week with Velvet Vol. 1: Before The Living End (issues #1-5), so go read it wherever you get you comics and join us back here for the discussion!

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