Know Your Station by Sarah Gailey and Liana Kangas

“They controlled every aspect of our lived on Earth… and they used that power to make it so being up here, waiting on them hand and foot, was the best future we could reach for. We’re not people to them. We’re punching bags, scapegoats, and test subjects. We’re disposable.”

Mike and Alex are back and ready to dive right into Boom Studios’ Know Your Station (issues #1-5) by Sarah Gailey and Liana Kangas. Much like their previous week’s discussion, they guys once again examine how what the book is about (a murder-mystery aboard a space station) isn’t really what the book is about, and break down how Gailey and Kangas use and rely on the reader’s existing story preconceptions to help mask their intent and ultimately subvert expectations (and maybe read a little too deeply into the presence of a Hamilton poster in one panel). They also take a look at Know Your Station and Eat The Rich work as a spiritual pairing, two offerings from the same writer, commenting on similar societal themes but approaching them from different angles. Something is killing the rich people. Again.

We hope you enjoyed these stories, and thank you as always for listening and reading along with us. Before we move on to our next season, we’re extremely excited to welcome Know Your Station artist Liana Kangas onto the show next week for an exclusive interview! We’ll be discussing their whole career, from selling comics to creating them, and dive a little deeper into Know Your Station. Join us here next week to hear it all!

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