Eat The Rich by Sarah Gailey & Pius Bak

“Ever since that first day, I keep trying to be the right kind of girl so you’ll approve of me. But I’m not the right kind of girl, am I?”

How does the saying go again- when the people shall have nothing more to eat, they will eat the rich? Seems like a more than appropriate title for Mike and Alex’s next discussion, Eat The Rich (issues #1-5) by Sarah Gailey and Pius Bak from Boom Studios. The guys are here to break down the whole story, including how a story about eating rich people isn’t actually about the eating of rich people. They dive deep into the larger themes and social commentaries offered by Gailey and Pak, while also praising the entire creative team for both their subversion of narrative expectations and their brilliant story presentation. It feels pretty obvious where this book is heading after the first issue and yet the story remains engaging and gripping throughout. Welcome to Crestfall Bluffs. Hope you survive the experience!

This story may be complete but we’re not done with the uber-rich just yet. The discussion continues as we turn to Sarah Gailey’s follow up comic in this spiritual pairing, Know Your Station with artist Liana Kangas. Go find Know Your Station wherever you get your comics and join us back here next week to dive deep into both stories!

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