Creator Spotlight on Sarah Gailey, Pius Bak, and Liana Kangas and Intro to Eat the Rich & Know Your Station

New year, new season of the Storied Arcs podcast! And to kick things off, Mike and Alex will be covering two books by the same writer, the Hugo Award winning and up-and-coming comic star Sarah Gailey- Eat The Rich (with artist Pius Bak) and Know Your Station (with artist Liana Kangas), both published by Boom Studios. The guys talk about what drew them to these books, another set of similarly themed stories that aren’t officially a series but are spiritually connected, and also give a spoiler-free tease on what’s to come (hint- some horror and a lot of talk about the haves versus the have nots). Then they discuss the creative teams behind both books and take a look at some of the other comic work done by Gailey, Pak, and Kangas.

We’re excited to jump into these stories, and for you to join us in the discussion, so go out at find Eat The Rich (issues #1-5) by Sarah Gailey and Pius Bak from Boom Studios wherever you get your comics and we’ll see you back here next week!

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