Velvet Volume 03: The Man Who Stole The World

Velvet volume 3 by ed brubaker and sean phillips

“And if I learned anything from Damian Lake’s betrayal, it’s that every move I make from now on has to be two moves. So I’m not just sneaking back to the U.S.; I’m lighting a signal fire.”

The adventures of Velvet Templeton come to a close in Velvet Volume 2 The Man Who Stole The World (issues #11-15) and Mike and Alex are here to wrap up the series. The guys start by diving deep into the decision by Brubaker and Epting to tie their story so specifically to actual historical events (apparently everyone was at the Watergate Hotel that night) and how choices like do or don’t affect their enjoyment of a story. Then they look at some of final espionage story tropes Velvet deploys, like fake deaths and double-double crosses, before lamenting the lack of any further stories in this universe.

While we wish there were more Velvet stories out there, we hope you enjoyed diving into this comic with us. We’ll be back again soon to kick off another season of Stories Arcs!

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