Velvet Volume 02: The Secret Lives of Dead Men

Velvet Volume 2 The Secret Lives of Dead Men

“All these weeks on the run, I’ve just been angry… self-righteous. And it’s so stupid… I know… but I’d actually forgotten to be afraid.”

Mike and Alex are back on the hunt for the most dangerous woman in the world as they jump into Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s Velvet Volume 2 The Secret Lives of Dead Men (issues #6-10). They start by examining Steve Epting’s incredible covers and look at how their throwback, pulpy nature is perfect for the series. Then the guys discuss how Velvet’s competency and ability as a spy is presented throughout the story, both through the eyes of her pursuers and her own self critique, and how that informs and reinforces the world that Brubaker and Epting are depicting.  Lastly, there’s some lettering talk (because Alex loves him some lettering talk), as the guys highlight the work Chris Eliopoulos is doing in this arc.

The story reaches its thrilling conclusion (question mark?) in the next arc, so go read Velvet Volume 3 The Man Who Stole The World  (issues #11-15) wherever you get your comics and join us back here again to dive deep into the finale!

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