Ascender Volumes 3 & 4

“-I mean, after everything you have seen, it is so hard to believe there may be a design to the universe? -A design? All I see is chaos and death.”

We’ve reached the conclusion of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s space epic, and Mike and Alex are here to break it all down as they jump into Ascender Volumes 3 and 4, The Digital Mage and Star Seed (issues #11-18). The guys have a frank discussion of what does and does not work for them in these final volumes and then take a look at the complete Descender/Ascender story as a whole. Endings are hard, as has been said multiple times here, and Mike and Alex dissect what it means when they think a story ends well narratively but might have a flawed process to reach that end. Ultimately, while it may seem like they’re down on the book, they’ve picking at nits and really enjoyed revisiting these books.

This wraps up another season of Storied Arcs and effectively wraps up 2023, BUT WAIT! There’s still one more week left on the calendar and we have a special episode coming up on the feed- our best of 2023 Annual, recorded live in a car on the highway in the rain. It was a lot fun to talk about some books we don’t normally cover on this show so enjoy it and we’ll be back to our regularly-schedule deep dives in 2024!

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