Breathers by Justin Madson (Part 2)

“Nothing’s really all that different, is it? I mean, sure, we don’t have to wear our breathers anymore, but we still have our scars. No amount of vaccines is ever gonna change that.”

Mike and Alex are back in the world of Justin Madson’s Breathers with Part 2 of the extra-long discussion. As they being to wrap things up, the guys take a step back and consider all of the meta-textual aspects that come with reading a book like Breathers in a post-2020 world. All the things you specifically think about when you read this book are all the exact same things everyone thinks about when they read this book, and that’s kinda crazy. It’s unavoidable and universal at this point, and Mike and Alex do the best they can to try and figure what it means for a story to have to carry so much weight that just didn’t exist when it was first created.

We really hope you enjoyed diving into a truly independent comic, and we hope to cover more books like this in the future. Until then, though, we appreciate your support and can’t wait to jump into our next great comic!

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