Creator Spotlight on Kyle Starks & Erica Henderson and Intro to Assassin Nation

Storied Arcs podcast creator spotlight on kyle starks and erica handerson and introduction to Assassin Nation from Image Comics
For this season of Storied Arcs, Mike and Alex are diving head first into the crazy world of assassins and hitmen with Kyle Starks and Erica Henderson’s Assassin Nation from Image Comics. They guys discuss a little about what drew them to this book and then give some background on both Starks and Henderson and the other comic work you might know them from. Then they give a spoiler-free pitch for Assassin Nation and tell you why they think you should pick up this comic (hint- it’s funny and absurd and hyper-violent but in a funny and absurd way).

Go find Assassin Nation Vol. 1 Number One with a Bullet (issues #1-5) wherever you get you comics. And don’t worry; it’s titled “Vol. 1” because all Image collections are titled “Vol. 1” even if the story is just one collection, like Assassin Nation. This is also one comic where if you can find the single issues, we actually recommend you read it that way. The single issues have recap/title pages that are not included in the collected trade that are not necessary to the story, but serve as a fun visual gag that enhances the story. Worth checking out in our opinion, if you’re able. But either way, single issue or trade, join us back here next week for our discussion of Assassin Nation!

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