Descender Volumes 3 and 4

“What does it look like, Creator? I’m doing that you programmed me to do. I’m eliminating waste… just like a human.”

Descender volumes 3 and 4 discussed by the Storied Arcs podcast

Mike and Alex are here to jump right back into Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s Descender as they dive deep into Volumes 3 and 4, Singularities and Orbital Mechanics. The guys debate and discuss the choice Lemire and Nguyen made with Volume 3 to essentially pause the ongoing narrative and tell a series of character flashback stories so early in the run, and how that may read differently now, knowing the comic is complete, versus how it might have read in real-time as the issues were published. Then they take a look at how Volume 4 sets up both the story to come now and the story to come later. The guys also praise Dustin Nguyen some more (which you can honestly never do enough), especially the mostly-silent issue #17. Alex loves a silent issue.

As usual, we don’t spoil anything about the story beyond what we’ve covered thus far so if you’re the comic for the first time, you’re in the clear. But be sure to pick up and read Descender Volumes 5 and 6 (issues 22-32) wherever you get your comics and join us here next week as we wrap up our discussion on Descender and get you primed for the sequel, Ascender!

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