The Lily Singer Adventures & The World of Love, Lies, & Hocus Pocus

And now for something completely different (that isn’t actually that different at all).

Back in fall of 2023 at the Cincinnati Comic Expo, Mike got to chatting with writer Lydia Sherrer, author of the Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus series aka The Lily Singer Adventures. While not specifically comic-focused, Lydia has a passion for storytelling and world building, so we decided to have her on the show to discuss all things story creation. That interview will run on May 16th, after we’ve wrapped up our current season of Storied Arcs, and this episode is just meant to be a primer to the world of Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus. We don’t go into any spoilers about the book series in our chat with Lydia (because we’d like for you to go read the books), but we wanted to at least give you an idea of the kinds of stories they are. Storytelling is storytelling, but it with prose or sequential art, and that’s what we want to celebrate here.

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