Eugenic by James Tynion IV & Eryk Donovan

“And what if I could make it so race would never be a part of the equation again? That the way the world views us would never rely on how much melanin our ancestors needed to protect themselves from the sun? I could make us all the same. I could make us better.”

The final installment of the James Tynion IV and Eryk Donovan’s Apocalyptic Trilogy, Eugenic (issues #1-3), takes a different approach than the previous volumes and Mike and Alex are here to break it all down.  The guys discuss the radically different storytelling format employed here and how that effects the narrative, both as a self-contained story and in comparison to the overall trilogy of stories. They dive deep into how this might be the most disturbing of the volumes, given the terrible real-world history surrounding the study and use of eugenics, and look at how eerily prescient some aspects of the story have become in ways that no one could have anticipated when the comic was initially released back in 2017. Mass skepticism of vaccines? No way *that* one was gonna come true, right?

And with that, we come to the end of another season of Storied Arcs! We hoped you enjoyed exploring the end of the world with us, and we’ll be back next week to kick off another deep dive discussion into a great comic!

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