Kill or Be Killed Volume 3

Kill or Be Killed Volume 03

Storied Arcs podcast logo overlayed on cover art from Kill or Be Killed Volume 3 by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

“Fear is a weird thing. Sometimes it’s a survival mechanism… like the instinct that made our ancestors flee from saber-tooth tigers. But a lot of the time it’s the handcuffs that we put on ourselves.”

In this episode, Mike and Alex discuss the changing motivations of the vigilante killer and examine how that alters our perception of what he’s doing. Does the “why” matter at all if the end result either way is someone going around killing people, even if those people are perceived as being the bad guys? And what does it say about someone when they realize they might actually be good at being a vigilante killer? Kill Or Be Killed Volume 3 (issues 11-14) asks these questions of the reader and the guys are here to break it all down.

This is the penultimate volume of the comic and there are no spoilers in this episode for the final arc. We’ve come too far to ruin things now for new readers (and Mike!).

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