Paper Girls Volume 4 Podcast

Paper Girls Volume 4 by Brian K. Vaughan and Cliff Chiang

Where were you when Y2K hit? Were you hiding in a fallout bunker? In Times Square to watch the ball drop? Or were you defiantly at your computer, actively ignoring the explicit warnings of electronics retailers, like one of your podcast hosts? And if you were too young to remember Y2K or weren’t even born yet, we’re curious- what do you know about it? Do they talk about the giant robots? Because that totally happened. Trust me. I was there.

In this episode, Mike and Alex revisit the final year of the 20th Century (NOT the first year of the 21st Century, thank you very much) in Paper Girls Volume 4 (issues 16-20). They discuss the best way to deliver a whole lot of exposition in a story without having it feel like you’ve just been delivered a whole lot of exposition and how this arc starts to tie together threads that have been laid out going back to the first issue. We’re on the back half of the roller coaster and gaining speed towards the end!

If you’re here and listening, we assume you’ve read through issue 20, but no spoiler beyond that!

Here are the articles referenced in the book and the podcast:

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